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Looking for something that will supercharge the pants off of you? Now we have packaged together some of our finest sauces with some quality rubs from our mates at Smokey Q making your night just a little bit hotter.
Rubbing your meat never tasted so sweet with the Ghost Chilli Rub, Fierce Bull Coffee blend rub (compliments to Smokey Q) , our very own  XXX Reaper sauce and DAREDEVIL!! Being dangerous was never so finger licking gooooood. CAUTION! Products are known to make big tough guys cry like big babies.


Mofo Daredevil Hot Sauce – 100ml
Mofo XXX Reaper Hotsauce – 150ml

Smokey Q Ghost Chilli Rub – 150g
Smokey Q Fierce Bull Coffee Rub – 150g

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