The BBQ King

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Hey! You! Yeah YOU! BBQ King come over here and look at my sauces, our sweet sweet sauces! Sauces that everyone can enjoy, mum, dad, brother, sister, cousin, posty, your dry cleaner. We’ve got BBQ Chipotle, Miso Sriracha and the XXX REAPER and they go so well with our friends at Smokey Q who are always at the BBQ and they always bring the goods. Goods like Chipotle rub, their beef rub, their rib rub, the rub rub, the blub blub, look they’ve got a lot of rubs, would be crazy for me to list them all! But why would you invite them if they didn’t work well together?

BBQ Chipotle – 150ml
Miso Sriracha – 150ml
XXX Reaper – 150ml

Chipotle Rub – 150g
Beef Rub – 150g
Rib Rub – 150g

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