The Party Master

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Before you can be the party master you have to learn to be the party starter and how are you meant to do that?Let me tell you, First you need to grab yourself some of that sauce, we think, is the most important part. You will want to grab yourself some Green Jalapeño sauce, some Miso Sriracha and just a lot of Orange Habanero, like sooo much, it is great!
I do feel like I am forgetting some stuff…..THATS IT! THE RUB FROM SMOKEY Q, Sweet Hog Rub, then maybe a Chicken rub, oh oh don’t forget the BBQ Dry rub, everybody likes that Well, wouldn’t you know, I just described this pack, what are the odds!! Better get on it!

Mofo Green Jalapeño  Hot Sauce- 150ml
Mofo Miso Sriracha Hot Sauce – 150ml
Mofo Orange Habanero Hot Sauce – 150ml

Smokey Q Sweet Hog Rub – 150g
Smokey Q Chicken Rub – 150g
Smokey Q BBQ Dry Rub – 150g


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