Here at Mofo Hot Sauce we believe that everyone deserves to have a hot sauce they can call their own. Whether you like a medium heat or all the way up to a mouth numbingly hot burn, we want you to have a hot sauce to fall in love with. With that in mind we have meticulously handcrafted a very unique range of flavour profiles to  suit all palates and keep your hot sauce dreams alive.

MOFO HOT SAUCE is a locally owned and operated business based out of Fremantle, Western Australia .

We believe in using the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients in all of our products. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that we always support local growers and small businesses, as they are the ones that make it possible for us to bring you some of the highest quality hot sauce on the market.

All of our sauces are created using 100% natural ingredients and have been painstakingly crafted without the need for any of the nasty fillers and preservatives.

 We live and breath hot sauce with every meal of the day, it’s an obsession!

We have created a range that not only we love but we would love to share with you.

Join us on the hot sauce revolution and LET THE FIRE SEDUCE YOU…


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